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Sri Lanka Adventure, Hill Country & Safari Weekend Trip

Sri Lanka Adventure, Hill Country & Safari Weekend Trip

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The Hill Country of Sri Lanka offers you a scenic experience that can only be summed up in one word – magic. Home to striking colourful scenery, cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, breathtaking mountains, tea plantations and so much more – the Hill Country is a world away from the hot and humid coastal lowlands. 

As a group, we’ll explore this incredible region, trekking up to some amazing views and witnessing some mesmerising waterfalls. Of course, a trip to Sri Lanka’s Hill Country would not be complete without a tea plantation visit.

You’ll also have the chance to visit one of Sri Lanka’s top wildlife attractions – Yala National Park. Famously known for the highest concentration of Leopards in the world, Yala National Park boasts an array of fantastic wildlife such as Elephants and Sloth Bears.

Please note places on weekend tours are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are in-doubt about joining one of these trips then you always have the option to sign up once you have arrived in Sri Lanka. Spots are subject to availability but in the vast majority of cases there are still spots available once you are on the program and it gives you more flexibility with your travel plans. 

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